How it works?

 The SoleCall app offers the quickest way to trigger alert.

SoleCall Palm 

This module should be applied when there is still time and opportunity to initiate an emergency call or SMS.
The SoleCall Palm enables you to send an emergency SMS in couple of seconds with the relevant contents (personal identification, localisation, incident category, how many people are affected). One part of the content is integrated automatically, the other part is integrated through multiple choice questions.

SoleCall Beats 

In such cases, when there is no time or possibility to pull out your phone regardless of whether it is an assault or medical situation it is possible to trigger alarm without manual intervention. The gesture controlled alert can be activated with three stomps (Sole Beats) or with three indirect tapping (Tapping Beats)
It is approved and certified by forensic psychologist that the three stomps activation is the most feasible in almost every sudden panic situation.

By our wordwide unique technological solution the activation is working even if the smartphone is in the bag, or in the pocket. The SoleCall Beats activation offers a unique alarming ability even in the most critical situations, and as a result help can be on the way in real time, that can save lives.

Széchenyi 2020