Be Unique Be Cool – Control your music player from your pocket!

With the free IIIBEATS Control app you can go to the next song, or to the previous song even if the phone is in your pocket or bag.

Click the symbol for the how-to video: 

How to launch
– activate your music player
– choose where you will carry your phone
– select the “Music” button and launch it with the „Activate” button
– to stop the gesture recognition control, push the “Stop” button.
For the gesture recognition the phone must be in your pocket, or your bag!
Please allow the app to keep running while screen is off (battery and/or app settings)!

The app was tested with the following music players:
– Spotify
– Google Music
– PowerAmp
– HUAWEI, XAOMI, Motorola, LG, Samsung music players

More to follow.

The gesture recognition model is based on more than 1000 hours human activity, and about 20000 controlling gestures and has 95% F1 score. It works only with locked screen and when the phone is in your pocket , or bag.
Please practice the strength and the rhythm of the gestures as you can see in the video, and than it should works well.

In the explainer video the music is: Ever Felt pt.1 – Otis McDonald, downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library.

Széchenyi 2020