The Project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Name of beneficiary: SoleCall Kft.
Project title: SoleCall personal safety application
Amount of contracted grant: 36 942 502 Ft
Degree of support: 80%
Projected completion date: 31.03.2019
Project identification number: 2.1.5-15-2017-0032

We established SoleCall Ltd. in 2016 with the vision to revolutionise the market of personal safety apps.

With our SoleCall app the person in trouble will have the unique possibility to trigger alarm through a smartphone with and without manual intervention regardless, wether it is an assault or a medical situation. This revolutionary technology offers users alarming ability even in the most critical situations, so help can be sent in real-time, that can save lives.

During the development we put emphasis on equal opportunities, so this way the app is optimised for people with a disability, especially for hearing-impaired people.

Progression and milestones:

The SoleCall app is currently under development.
1. milestone: 30.11.2018
demo version
2. milestone: 02.01.2019
market launch
Financial closing of the project: 31.03.2019

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