About us

We established SoleCall Ltd. in 2016 with the vision to revolutionise the market of personal safety apps.

With our SoleCall app you will have the unique possibility to trigger alarm through a smartphone with and without manual intervention regardless, whether it is an offense or a medical situation. This revolutionary technology offers immediate alarming ability so help can be sent in real-time, that can save lives.

The best defence against offense is prevention, but if you couldn’t avoid a situation, the SoleCall app would be there for you.

Security is one of our most basic human needs, so we wanted to create such a personal safety application in which the ways of activation complement each other in order to offer a universal alarming ability.

During the development we put emphasis on equal opportunities, so this way the app is optimised for people with a disability, especially for hearing-impaired people.


Gergő Attila Nagy

Founder & CEO

„The idea of SoleCall was born apropos of a tragical incident. My vision was to create such a personal safety application in which the ways of activation complement each other in order to offer a universal alarming ability. It was a long path with full of obstacles to realise the solution, whereby no manual intervention is needed. That is why I’m very proud to be the first to do it. Since that time my life purpose is to enhance the sense of safety in the world by the unique technology of SoleCall.”

Csaba Dr. Danyi

Founder & legal advisor

„As an expert of criminal law, I see cases on daily basis, when a real time alarming ability could save lives. I’m proud to be the first, who was asked by Gergő to be as co-founder and to support the realisation of the SoleCall app with my work.

Géza Dr. Németh

Founder & IT advisor

Associate Professor with Habilitation. He was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary and the Academic Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

“Because of my work, there are plenty of talented people around, and I strive for getting the most out of them with proper guidance. SoleCall is a perfect example of innovation serving people. Security is one of our most basic human needs. Our next-generation development adds a more efficient and faster solution to classical alarm services. I am especially delighted that our solution fills a gap for the emergency communication of speech impaired people. “

Bálint Dr. Gyires-Tóth

Founder & IT advisor

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Researcher, PhD NVidia Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Instructor and University Ambassador

„It is a challenge from both theoretical and practical aspect to use the artificial intelligence in critical situation. Our solution makes alarming possible without manual intervention, which is uniue in the segment.”

Bálint Czeba

app developer

„As student of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics specialised for deep learning, I was proud to get the chance to take part in the development of the SoleCall app. I’m happy to be part of the team, because I can develop my professional skills, but at the same time can work for important purpose.

Press review

“…SoleCall, that revolutionises the market of personal safety apps...”

Széchenyi 2020